C.T. Studd had been a very wealthy man, but when he found Christ as his Saviour from sin, he totally dedicated his life to the One who had died that he might have eternal life.  Leaving his native England, he went by ship to China.  There he worked year after year, to bring lost souls to a knowledge of Jesus.  Finally he became sick—so ill that the doctors called him a “museum of tropical diseases.”  So he returned to England; his life seemingly near its end.  But he was thankful for what God had used him to do in leading others to Jesus.


        Then, while walking the streets one day after his return, he saw an announcement of a missionary rally to be held that evening.  In large print, at the top, it said, “Cannibals Need Missionaries.”  He laughed at the wording, but went to the meeting that night.  There the conviction came to him that he must go as a missionary to Africa.

           His friends thought he was beside himself.  Aged, a grandfather, still a sick man,--and he was planning to go to Africa!

     And to Africa Studd went; there to work in areas where no white man had ever been.  He worked day and night to give the native people the gospel of what Jesus could do for their lives.


    For seventeen pain-racked years he worked in Africa, without once going home on furlough.  As he worked, he trained others to work with him.  He had given everything for Christ, and others came to share in his sacrifice and his labors.

             Finally, he was in so much pain that his personal attendant, Jimmy Taylor, thought that Studd was definitely dying…

       Later, at 3:00 AM, Taylor became concerned and thought that he had better check to  see that C.T. Studd was still alive.  Arriving at his hut, he found it empty!  On the table were several pages with writing on them, and a brief note.  It read: “Dear Jim, I have translated a couple more chapters of Acts and I am off now on my bicycle to reach another tribe for Jesus.”

         To live with Jesus is to work with Jesus.”  God is the source of life and light and joy to the universe.  Like rays of light from the sun, like the streams of water bursting from living springs, blessings flow out of Him to all his creatures.  And wherever the life of God is in the hearts of men, it will flow out to others in love and blessing.” 

Steps To Christ, 77. 



Shelter in the Storm.