No Longer Bored




Have you ever been bored on Sabbath?  Maybe these two boys’ ideas will help you find something special to do.



“I’m bored!”  Davidson told his brother one Sabbath after lunch.  He did not feel like reading but he could not think of anything else to do.

“I know,” said his brother, Samuelson, “Let’s walk to the next village.  Maybe we will find something interesting along the way.”  The two boys told their parents of their plan and set off toward the next village, three miles (five kilometers) away.

“This is better than sitting around doing nothing,” Davidson said as they walked along the dusty road.

Who are you?


When they reached the next village, they sat down under the shade of a big tree to rest.  Soon some children noticed the boys and came over to where they were sitting.

“What is your name?”  One boy asked.  “Where are you from?”  Another asked.

“I’m Samuelson, and this is my brother Davidson,” Samuelson said.  “We live in the next village and attend Thomas Memorial School.  Have you heard of it?”

Some of the children nodded.  “What is the school like?”  One of the children asked.

“Oh, it is pretty nice,” Davidson said.  “We study math and reading and English and all that, but we also learn about Jesus in our morals classes, and we sing nice songs.”

Then Davidson had an idea.  “Would you like to learn a song?  We can teach you one.”

“Yes! Yes!” the children Chorused.  “Teach us a song”

Samuelson and Davidson taught them a Christian song and soon the children were singing along.

“Teach us another song.”  One of the children said.  So the boys taught the children another song.

Then one of the children said, “Tell us a story.  We like stories.”

Davidson looked at Samuelson,  “You tell a story,” he said.  “You can do better than I.  Tell the one that we studied in our lesson today.  I’ll help you if you get stuck.”

So the boys told the children a story about Jesus.

“We liked that story,” the children said.  “Tell us another one.”


Time To Leave

Samuelson looked at the sun hanging low in the sky.  “It’s getting late,” he said.  “We have to leave now.  But maybe we can come next week and teach you some more songs and tell you some more stories, OK?”

The children agreed.  They followed the brothers down the dusty road.  “Don’t forget to come back next week,” the children reminded them.

The next Sabbath, Samuelson and Davidson returned to the neighboring village.  When they arrived, the children came running to greet them.  They sat down under the big tree, ready to sing and here more stories.  Several old men and women of the village came and sat on the ground with the children and listened.

“We have a program at our school every Saturday morning,” Samuelson said.  “Our teachers tell stories better than we can.  If you come to our school next Saturday morning you can hear more stories and sing more songs.”




On Sabbath morning, the teachers were surprised to see thirty children from the village walking toward the church on campus.  Davidson and Samuelson took the children to their Sabbath School class, where they had a wonderful time learning more about Jesus.

That afternoon Davidson and Samuelson decided they should start a branch Sabbath School in the village.  They found some teachers and other students who could help them.

Samuelson, Davidson, and the other students and teachers visited the homes of the children and talked with their parents.  They prayed for those who were sick and invited the parents to come to the branch Sabbath School meetings for the adults.


No longer bored


“We are not bored on Sabbath any longer,” Davidson says.  “We are too busy teaching our new friends about Jesus.  It is a lot of fun to work for Jesus like this.

Today, seventy people attend the branch Sabbath School in the village.  Soon some of them will be baptized.  They need a church to worship in so they can continue to invite their families and friends to meet their friend Jesus.




Jean Sundaram



Charlotte Ishkanian