God’s Power Manifested

In India

The Lord Is Busy In India

Letter 1

Dear Friends

We are doing fine, by the grace of God, and hope the same for you.  We recently were able to do a television recording in Hyderabad (India).  The telecast had quite an impact on the area.

     On March 20, after the telecast, a number of people called me.  One man who called was a very prominent person.  He is an Indian and the director of Asia Bible College.  He lives close to the Flaiz Memorial College in Narsapur.  He requested that I come teach on the book of Revelation at his College during the summer.  My summer is very busy, so I don’t know if I will be able to work that in.  It is a very interesting opportunity though.  On March 27, a week later, another prominent evangelical called me.  He is from a place called Jaheerabad, about a two-hour drive from Hyderabad.  He is a Sunday-keeping Christian, but he has become convinced about the Sabbath truth by watching our television program.  He also is very interested in the messages on the book of Revelation.

     Please pray for both of these men.

Letter 2:

     I just returned from a mission trip in which I was able to conduct meetings for two weeks in four different places: Cheerala, Allur, Ongole, South Konda.  I am thrilled that from these meetings seventeen people have given their lives to Jesus.

     During my visiting, I met two individuals who God has miraculously healed.  Both are from different churches.  They attended my meetings and gave their testimonies!  One man was a Muslim before the experience and then gave his heart to Christ and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church

     His Muslim name is Mastan, his wife became very sick.  He spent about half a million rupees on the hospital bills. She eventually became completely paralyzed.  The doctors gave up hope and said that in a few days she would die.  He brought her home, and the whole family was crying.  That night, Jesus appeared to him in a white dream and in white clothing and told him to go to a church so that she could be healed.  Since he was a Muslim, he did not know any church or pastor.  The next morning he inquire in the market place about where he could find a church.  Someone in the market told him about the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  He went to that church, where the pastor and church members took time to pray for his wife.  A miracle happened!  She was completely healed.  The man and his wife then wanted to learn more about the Adventist faith, so they began studying and eventually they were baptized.  Now his Christian name is Elijah.  He is now the elder of  our Adventist church in south Konda.  He has received persecution for his choice to become a Christian.  He received many threats from his Muslim friends.  He responded to his friends that Jesus was the One who healed his wife and that if they wanted to kill him, it would be no problem, but he would remain a Christian.

     It is still true: “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”  James 5:16.

Letter 3:

     I’m sending another testimony of a  Hindu man whom I met April 5, 2011, in a place near Allur.  He met me after my preaching and gave me his testimony.

     His Hindu name was Brahmayya (the name is the name of a major Hindu god who created the world, according to Hindu religion).  He got tuberculosis and was rushed to a big hospital bout five hours drive from his village.  He was in the last stage of tuberculosis, so whenever he coughed, blood was coming up from his lungs.  Doctors sent him home told his family members that there was no treatment available at that final stage of tuberculosis.  He had contracted tuberculosis by being a drunkard.  When the man was brought home, the family offered worship to all the major Hindu gods, all to no avail.  His family became so desperate that they finally gave up on praying to the Hindu gods for his healing and decided to take him to a Christian place of worship so that the Christian God might heal him.

     When his family brought him to the Christian church, it was their first time to place their feet in a Christian place of worship.  He and his family just cried, asking, “Please heal our brother, God!  If you heal him, we will become Your followers.”

     The church they had come to seek help from was the Seventh-Day Adventist church.  Our pastor lives behind the church building.  When he heard the people crying inside the church, he went into the church to see what was happening.  When he saw them, he immediately knelt sown and prayed for them.  God in His loving kindness touched that man and healed him.  He recovered in a few days without any medicine.  He went back to the same hospital, and the doctors were amazed to see him without any traces of tuberculosis.  The man gave his heart to Christ and gave up drinking alcohol and eventually was baptized into the Adventist church.  The pastor gave him the Christian name Abraham.  He works on his farm during the daytime, but sleeps in the church every night and cleans the church and spends time in prayer every night in the church.  His two sons have an auto rickshaw, but on the Sabbath they bring all the old people who would like to attend the church in their auto rickshaw without charging any money.  Please keep Pastor Shararh Babu in your prayers.

Shelly Senner