Good In Moderation





     Avoid the appearance of all evil.  There is no balance with evil when trying to do the will of the Lord.  We are to resist temptation and when we participate in even the smallest sin we fail to resist.  While thinking our life is in harmony with the Lord but still using the devils devices we are totally in the hands of the devil in accepting his evil into our life willingly.  If we are ignorant of his devices that is one thing but the evidences are all around us to tell us what is causing people to do wrong and end up in trouble.  Certain things we do automatically bring on problems to ruin our life and we can see it everywhere so a person has to be very naive to not understand the consequences.

     If a person is doing 99% right and 1% bad he belongs to Satan because Jesus does not live with Satan in the same heart.  This kind of life is very deceptive for from the onlooker viewpoint it looks great but does not realize he sees a false front and there are very many of this type of life in this world.

     God has told us to flee from the Devil’s temptations. Have nothing to do with him for to parley is to fall. And all good is done in moderation and this is where the balance comes in for we cannot look at Jesus and the devil at the same time.  If we decide to serve the Lord then go all the way with Him. Seek Jesus with all the heart soul, mind, and body.  Study earnestly to know his requirements to enter those gates.  No one will enter who does not give all, for it will take all to dwell in that land of purity.  Not one speck of defilement will be there so shake off all the specks now before it is too late and walk with Jesus.