The Kingly


               Shepherd Boy


              Did you ever wonder why David was out in the wilderness with the sheep by himself when all those brothers could have come to assist him.  Especially since they knew he had killed a lion and a bear by himself with his own hands and many other dangers were lurking about. 


      It sounds as though the brothers of David were spoiled boys.  When Samuel came to anoint David all those older boys had to see this young fellow exalted above them.

               I like to think while David was on the hills with the sheep that he was talking to God about every thing in his life.  This would give him protection from the wild animals and wisdom how to meet other difficulties.  

           The Bible tells us that he was a very nice looking person but that did not seem to take away his humility and walk with God.  He wanted to serve his Master and be a good person.


     David had already been playing the harp for King Saul when he saw the armies of Israel needed to fight the Philistines.  So he let King Saul know that the Lord helped him kill a lion and a bear so He would help him with the enemies of the Lord’s people.  

     Even though David was a young boy he knew where his help and strength were.  After he killed the giant the people were very relieved of their fear. 


         David was very much loved of the people and his fame spread even to other nations.  But King Saul became jealous and sought David’s life.  The main thing in David’s life was to obey God and he kept asking the Lord what he should do.    

     Jonathon, King Saul’s son was a wonderful friend of David and wanted to keep him safe and tried to keep his father from harming David.  God knew David would be a good king and protected him.  Even though he was human and made mistakes he wanted to serve God.     

    After some time of running for his life David did become King over Israel.  He was one of Israel’s greatest kings.  What made him so great was his walk with the Lord and confessing his sins and repenting with his whole heart.  That is why Jesus is called the Son of David.  He is a man after God’s heart.       

         The Lord brought David from a lowly place of keeping sheep and made him great and that is what he wants to do for you and everyone if they will let Him.  He knows everything about every person and loves them all the same.  And wants to make them great if they will surrender all to Jesus. 


David The Shepherd King


Striving to serve the Lord

Facing the kings sword

Responded with God’s word

To be in His accord.


God chose to be the king

Close to God the people bring

Show the world the right thing

So God’s name would ring.