A Prisoner

Dear Pastor

     I have been brutalized and persecuted in every form and fashion.  Last night, this was stepped up to a new level, (by the food that was brought to me in my cell) and I vomited much blood, my body going into sever shock typical of the ingestion of poisonous snake venom.  I felt like I was certainly going to die this time.  As I lay on my cell bed, I decided that the best way to go out of this life was to be reading your newsletter that was just delivered to me.  By the time I got to page 5, I was fading fast, and knew that in a few moments, I would be dead.  I tried to focus my blurry eyes, and could just barely make out the word, “Jesus” and above that, the words, “on the cross,” I continued to look at the word “Jesus” It seems like a divine transfer was taking place.  The deadly sting of the serpent’s deadly venom was being transferred to Jesus.  I continued to read and look at “Jesus” all night.  By 6 a.m., I was totally well.  The guard who knew what was going on were shocked to see me alive.  They expected to see a venom-filled corpse.  I am not only alive, but I am totally well.  So I have nothing but “Praise To God” for His perfect provision, and for His perfect timing in sending your newsletter at exactly the right time.  Praise God!  Jesus truly did pay it all, and take it all on the cross,

Sincerely K