Light In The





     For many years Eva Tavor had not been able to see.  Doctors offered no hope.  All the brightness of life seemed blotted out, but in the darkness she learned to love and trust in a Savior she had so often ignored when she earlier had sight.

      She found that verse that says, “Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to Thee.” Psalm 139:12. And with it, another: “The day is Thine, and the night also.” Psalm 7416.

         And so, day by day, she sang songs in the night (Psalm 42:8) and through it all, she learned that God is an ever-present Help, and that the more she praised Him for the blessing she had, the more she received.

               And then one bright August morning, she learned that a new operation had been developed that might offer hope.  Gone now were the old days, when in full sight she walked blindly. Now, she praised her heavenly Father at each step—and submitted all her life and future to His keeping.  If the operation would bring healing, then that would be well: but if not, she would continue, unfaltering in her trust in God.

          And then the operation was performed.  And it restored her sight.

          Now it was an October morn, and Eva stood by the kitchen sink. She could see the sparkle of the sunlight in the water, and the brightness of the room shone all about.  Before her, through the open window, she could see the bright colors of fall on the trees in the woods outside.  Quietly splitting the early morning mists, rays of sunlight were falling in slanted streaks through the leafy bowers of foliage, and lightening the patches of grass and ground below.

            It was all a delight to Eva, and she thanked God for it all.  Then, swirling her hand through the dishwater, she picked up a large soap bubble and held it to the sunlight.  Through it could be seen all the colors of the spectrum in an intermingling of blues and reds, greens, yellows and violets.  And she remembered the words of the old song:


When thou hast truly thanked thy God

For every blessing sent.

But little time will then remain

For murmur of lament.



   Are you and I thanking God for all our blessings?  Do we realize that the more we thank Him for all we have, the more we shall have to thank Him for?



     “Shelter In The Storm”