A Love letter From God


A Boy thought God did not love him, then he found a letter in field.



Today’s story is about a boy named Bart, from Sweden.



During family worship, Bart listened as his father told a story about a woman God saved when Guerilla soldiers attacked the bus she and her son were riding in.  Soldiers shot several people, but when a soldier came to the woman, he motioned for he to get off the bus and run into the bushes.  She grabbed her son and they hid in the bushes until the soldiers left.  Suddenly a man appeared nearby.

“Follow me,” the man said.  He did not look like a soldier, so the mother followed him to the next town.  The man pointed out the police station, and report the crime there.  The mother looked in the direction the man pointed for a moment.  When she turned to thank him, the man was gone.


God doesn’t love me


When Bart’s father finished the story, Bart said sadly, “God would never do that for me.  He does not love me enough.” Bart’s father asked him why he thought God did not love him.

“I’ve prayed a lot that God will show me that He loves me.”  Bart said, “But God hasn’t answered yet.”

Bart’s parents felt bad that Bart thought God did not love him.  They prayed with him and asked that God would do something special for him.  Bart’s parents prayed when they were alone too.


The Balloon


On Sunday morning Bart rode his bike into the country to help a farmer.  Bart and the farmer rode in the farmer’s truck to get some hay.  On their way back to the farm, Bart saw balloon lying in the field.  “May I go get the balloon?”  Bart asked the famer.

“Not now,” the farmer told him.  “We have work to do.”  At noon Bart rode his bike home for lunch.  He stopped at the field to look for the balloon.  He saw it bobbing lazily in the field.  Bart jumped across the ditch and ran to where the balloon lay.  He picked it up and found a card attached to it with a piece of string.  On the card was a picture of a Bible story and a note that said, “The children of the Adventist church want to tell you that God loves you.  Bart stared at the card for a moment.  It was written in Dutch, Bart’s native language.  How did this get all the way to Sweden?  He wondered.

Bart grabbed the card and balloon and jumped back on his bike.  He rode home and skidded to a stop.  Still holding on to the card and balloon, he shouted to his mother, “Mom! I’ve got a letter from Holland!”

Mother hurried to the door to see what Bart was so excited about.  “Look, Mom,” he said holding up the card.  “A letter from Holland came on a balloon.  I found it in a field.”


The letter from God


Bart gave his mother the card, and she read the message as Bart explained where he had found it.

“Bart,” Mother asked.  “Do you understand who this letter is from and what it is saying?”  Bart looked at his mother for an explanation.  “This letter is not from Holland.  It’s from God.  He sent you an answer to your payer.  He is telling you how much He loves you!”  Bart’s eyes sparkled as he realized what his mother was saying.

“God sent me a letter?”  He thought about how he had found the balloon lying still in the field.  It had come more than a thousand miles to reach a young boy who needed a message of love straight from God.  After that, Bart took more interest in family devotions, in reading the Bible, and in praying.

Later Bart’s parents learned that some children in Holland had tied cards to balloons and let them go one Sabbath afternoon.  There was little wind, and the children were sad that their cards would not make it very far.  Bart’s card apparently traveled the farthest.  When Bart found it, it had been lying in the field for at least an hour in clear view of children playing nearby.  Yet, no one noticed it except Bart.

God does love us—each one of us.  We can be God’s letter of love to someone today.




Charlotte Ishkanian