So Thankful


        Before our daughter Lila went away for school, she had a pen pal she was writing to by the name of Teresita who lived in the Philippines.  But Lila became so busy and involved with school and work she passed Terrisita’s  address to us so we could respond to her mail.  She had to work to support her two children Kent and Kristine.

       As the years passed, we were still in touch and learned that she had a twin sister, Teresa, who we also wrote to. She has two boys, Mark and Michael.

           The year 2003 she lay dying in the hospital for two weeks.  Teresa said that the doctor told me I had to pray.  She spent much of her time with her thoughts on God and it was a miracle that she was healed.  She was so thankful for God’s healing power.

           Teresa is praising the Lord for what He has done for her in giving her another chance to work for Him and is distributing books and tracts and other gospel literature to help others, teaching them that Jesus is soon to come and comforting the sick wherever she can.


     She has two boys who she is responsible for and loves them dearly.

                Mark is an honored student at the University but is hoping to go to a Christian school.  Michael is soon to graduate from the 12th grade.  They want to serve the Lord and work for Him.