Samuel’s Special Project   





We can serve God in many ways—with our voices, with our hands, and with our money.


Samuel lives in Germany. He has gone to church all his life, and he knows it is important to give offerings to help others learn about Jesus.

Samuel’s parents give him an allowance, and ever since he was a small boy Samuel has been careful to count out 10 per cent for God.  Then he counts out more to give as an offering.  The rest of his allowance he can spend as he wishes.  His allowance is not a lot of money, but it allows him to buy school supplies and a few other things….

The voice of hope teacher

One day a visitor spoke in Samuel’s church from the Voice of Hope Radio program in Germany.  Samuel listened carefully as Thomas talked about people who study the Bible through the Voice of Hope Bible lessons that are sent through the mail.  When Samuel learned that even children can take a Bible course, he leaned forward to listen.

Thomas explained that the work of the Voice of Hope depends on donations from believers who want others to know that Jesus loves them.  Samuel was sure that Thomas looked straight at him when he said, ”Even children help to support the Voice of Hope.”  Then Thomas invited the children in the church to sign up to take a Voice of Hope Bible course.

Samuel and many other children stayed after church to sign up for the Bible lessons That Thomas offered.  Samuel filled out the enrollment card, and his mother mailed it.  A few weeks later, Samuel’s first Bible lesson came in the mail.  Samuel sat down and read the lesson and answered the questions.  Then he placed the lesson in the envelope.  But before he sealed it, he wrote a letter to Thomas.

Samuel’s Promise

In the letter Samuel Said, “Thank you for coming to our church and telling us about the Bible lessons.  You said that you need donations for your work.  I want more people to know about Jesus, so I am sending some money.  Please use it to help others learn about Jesus.  I want to send some money every time I write.  Your Friend Samuel” Then Samuel tucked ten euros (aboutUS$12.30) into the envelope.  This was his entire month’s allowance after he returned tithe.

When Thomas received the letter and the donation, he was very happy.  He knew that for a child ten euros was a lot of money.  Thomas wrote Samuel a nice letter, thanking him for his donation and telling him that the money would help many children learn about Jesus.

Every month after that, Samuel sent a donation to the Voice of Hope.  Sometimes it was ten euros and sometimes it was less.  When he sent less, Samuel explained he had to buy school supplies or some other important item. And every time Samuel wrote, Thomas thanked him, and told him God would bless him.

Prayer request

One month Samuel wrote a different letter to send with his lesson.  He told Thomas he had broken his foot and that it was not healing right.  He told Thomas that his foot hurt a lot, and he asked Thomas to pray for him.  Thomas wrote back and said that the entire staff of Voice of Hope was praying that Samuel’s foot would heal quickly.

Samuel continues to send money to the Voice of Hope each month.  And he continues to study the Voice of Hope’s Bible Lessons.  Now his younger brother also is studying that God loves them in the Bible lessons with the Voice of Hope.

We all can be Jesus fans and tell others that God loves them.  We can tell people whom we meet in the store, at the school, or on the bus about Jesus.  And we can give our offering to missions every week in church.  That way people we don’t know will have a chance to learn that Jesus love them.


Charlotte  Ishkanian