The Power Of Influence

     Samara is nine years old and lives in northern Brazil.  Since she was an infant, her parents have taught her to love and honor God.  So, it was natural that when she saw the ice cream vender come through her neighborhood with a cigarette in his mouth, she told him that smoking was bad for his health and made Jesus sad.  The man threw his cigarette down and asked to speak to Samara’s mother.

     “Your daughter is a wise little girl.” He said.  “She has taight me that smoking is bad, and I want you to know that I will never smoke again.”

     After that, whenever the man passed by Samara’s house. He’d ask, “Where is my little teacher?”  Samara called the man Tio, which means “uncle.”  Samara’s father talked to Tio about Jesus, too, and invited him to church.  Tio agreed, but he lived too far away to attend the family’s church, so father gave him directions to a church closer to his home.  Tio went to that church, and in time, he gave his heart to Jesus.

     Sometime later, on a Sabbath afternoon, Samara saw a teenage boy sitting on his front porch next door.  It was her new neighbor, Eduardo.  She started talking to him and asked him if he believed in God.  Eduardo said that they used to attend church, but the family had stopped going.

     Samara invited Eduardo to attend the Sunday evening program at her church.  Eduardo went and took his little brother.  Samara asked the brothers to study the Bible.  The brothers agreed, so Samara and her father studied the Bide with them.

     When Eduardo finished the Bible studies, he accepted Jesus as his Savior and asked to be baptized.  Samara hadn’t been baptized yet, so she asked if she could be baptized with Eduardo.  Her parents and the pastor agreed, so the two friends were baptized together.

     Eduardo’s family have moved away, but he keeps in touch with Samara’s family and has told them he is sharing God’s love with others and is giving Bible studies in his new hometown.

     Samara enjoys sharing God’s love and credits her parents with being good examples who helped her make sharing her faith a natural part of her life.  Recently, when she preached for children’s Sabbath, 15 people gave their heart to Jesus.

     Samara knows that age doesn’t matter, when it comes to telling others about Jesus.  God can use anyone who is willing.