Discovering Peace In Jesus

     Rosyen was a beautiful girl from a well-known, affluent family.  The young man who came courting became a Muslim in order to marry her.  On their wedding day her father provided the newly-weds with a large home.

     One day Rosyen discovered her new husband reading a Bible.  “Let me read that book,” she begged.  “I would like to know what it says.”  Her husband warned her what could happen if the Bible was discovered, and Rosyen promised to be discreet.

     As Rosyen read the Word of God, the Holy Spirit touched her heart.  She was deeply impressed by the story of Jesus’ death on the cross.  As she thought about what she had read, she began to feel a peace and a hungering that she had never known before.  She spent more time with the Bible.  Her heart was flooded with joy as she directed her thoughts to Jesus.

     “I want to be a Christian,” she told her husband one day.

     “I don’t understand,” he said, “I became a Muslim so I could marry you, and now you want to become a Christian?”  Rosyen told her husband about what had happened as she read the Bible.

     Rosyen’s father discovered that she wanted to become a Christian.  Angrily he threw the couple out of the new house. They had to move into a cramped apartment.  But Rosyen and her husband stood fast for Jesus.  I would rather live in my tiny apartment and have my heart filled with the peace of Jesus than to live in a mansion with an empty heart,”  Rosyen testified.  Rosyen and five other Muslims asked for baptism following evangelistic meetings held in her city in Indonesia.

     Her brother, curious about what his sister was discovering in the Bible, borrowed her Bible.  Because of his father’s anger over Royen’s conversion, her brother had to hide the Bible and read it secretly.  Then one day his father discovered his son with the Bible.  “If I see you reading that book again, I will kill you.”   Her brother is careful to conceal his Bible reading, and has started attending church.  He dresses as if he were going swimming, but takes his dress clothes along and goes to church instead.

     Many Muslims yearn for a closer walk with God.  And God is working on their hearts.  Pray for them as they look for opportunities to come to know more about the Christian faith.

James Zachary