God Made Many Wonders

    Linda found a crab crawling along the beach.

     “Oh, look at this funny crab,” she said.  “See, he is crawling sideways.”

     “That is the way crabs travel,” said Daddy.  “It’s a wonder they ever get anywhere.”

     “Where did he come from?,” asked John.

     “From the ocean,” Daddy told him.  “There are many crabs in the ocean.  See his little shell house?  When it is too small for him, he will shed it and have another just the right size for him.”

     “How can he do it?” Linda wondered.

     “I don’t know, Linda.  He is one of God’s wonders.  The earth and sea are full of wonders.”

     “Tell us about them—all of them,” said John.

     “Oh, I couldn’t tell you about all of them,” laughed Daddy; “there are too many.  But I can tell you about
a few.

     “In the ocean are many little creatures, like the crab, who live in shell homes just right for them.  There are many kinds of fish too, and one that carries a light to show him the way through the darkness!

     “There are many wonders all around us, too, like the little creatures that look like the things around them.  The garden toad wears a funny wrinkled coat to look like the brown earth.  The walking stick looks like a twig, and a dead-leaf moth looks like a dead leaf on the bush where he is resting.”


     “Tell us more,” said Linda.

     “We must start for home,” said Mother, “but I think it’s a good thing to think about some of God’s wonders.  It helps us to know how great and wonderful God is, and to know that He will care for us.”

     The day was almost over.  The sun had slipped behind the hills and now the sky was growing darker.  The baby robins had settled down in their nest beneath mother’s wings.  Father robin had just begun his evening song. 

     “Look at the evening star,” said Mother; “isn’t it beautiful?”

     “Yes,” said John, “It’s the first star in the sky tonight.”

     “Sometimes I wonder which is more beautiful, the blue sky of the daytime, or the starry sky at night,” said Mother.

      “I like the blue sky the best,” said John, “when the big white clouds are sailing along.”

     “Think of all the beautiful things in the world,” said Mother.  “Let’s name a few of them.”

     “I like tall mountains, covered with snow,” said John.


     “I like sunsets and rainbows,” said Mother, “and the moon and stars.  I like trees with branches waving in the air.”

     “I like oceans and rivers and lakes,” said Linda.

     “Little things are beautiful, too,” said Mother; “rose petals, butterflies, and birds.  Sometimes I think the little things are the most beautiful of all.”

     “I see something beautiful right now,” said John, with a big yawn, “and it’s little.  It’s a lightning bug just turning on his light.”

     “God has made a beautiful world for us to enjoy.”

     God “doeth great things . . . and wonders without number.”  Job 9: