Poisoned In Tibet

     And then there is the case of Anne Taylor, who entered the forbidden land of Tibet in the year 1890, working there for a time in spite of all efforts to keep her out, to put her out, and to starve her out.  The people kept asking her what to do with her body if she died, and she told them she wasn’t going to die right then.  Finally poison was put in the food she was invited to eat.  Her suspicion was aroused almost immediately, and it was not long till she became ill, with all the symptoms aconite poisoning.  She felt her strength going; her heart was slowing.  And then, through the window, she saw that a crowd was silently gathering.  She realized that they had come in curiosity to watch her die.

     There she was, alone in a strange and hostile land.  But her Lord was with her, and she remembered and claimed His promise—for the sake of Tibet.  Immediately she felt the blood tingling again in her veins.  Her heart became normal, and her strength returned.  She took her Tibetan Scripture and went outside to preach Jesus and His power to save to those who had come to see her die!

     ….These servants of the Lord did not create these emergencies.  What a far cry from the cheap showmanship becoming so prevalent today—with snakes deliberately handled, poison purposely imbibed, insulin stopped, medical help refused, just to show what people can do!  And the Lord Jesus Christ, in whose name it is done, has nothing to do with it.  It is no wonder that senseless pitiful, unnecessary tragedies have resulted!  There is a wide place for faith, even daring faith.  But presumption lurks close by.  And the line between is very thin.  Only those who walk very close to their Lord will know where that line is.

     Shall we step out by faith?  By all means.  Even way out if necessary?  Yes.  But presumptuously experiment?  Never!

M. L. Lloyd