Ears That Hear


    Raven Rowbottom (age11)

     I was reading in my home school about our ears.  There are three parts to our ears.  The part we see is called the outer ear.  The rest of our ear is in our head.  There is the inner ear and middle ear.  We need all of them to hear with.  The outer ear that we see catches the vibrations of the sounds.  The sounds go to the middle ear and hit the eardrum.  Then three bones go into motion and take them to a part called the cochlea and they are picked up by a nerve and sent to the brain to be interpreted.

     There is an interesting lesson I learned from them.  I learned that our spiritual ear has three parts too.  First we hear the Bible with the ears in our head.  Then our conscience tells us what we heard was true.  Then our heart chooses to do it or not.  Hopefully we choose to do it!  We need to hear with all our spiritual ears.  Those are the ears we use to hear Jesus knocking on our hearts.

     Hearing the Word of God is our protection against Satan.  To many animals, hearing is their protection against their enemies.  Some are mountain goats. They have very good ears.  They learn to tell if rocks are falling because of a mountain lion or because they are just falling.  What if they had no ears?  They would not know if an enemy was coming or not.  Then the enemy would get them.  Satan is a lion though, too.  If we are not listening he might get us.

     Another animal is the moose.  Every time they think they might hear something, up go their big ears and they listen.  So then they know whether to run or not.  We should be listening too.  If Satan is coming we should not let him get us.

     Deer can hear well too.  They can hear something long before we can.  They will run if they hear anything like an enemy.

     Jackrabbits have the biggest ears.  They can hear real well.  Many animals get rabbits—coyotes, hawks, eagles—so they should be listening.

     Do you know how Satan gets us?  He gets us to listen to him and obey what he says.

     Jesus keeps us from falling and obeying Satan.  Did you know that without the ears on our head we could not stand up? 

     Both of our ears help us,  but which one helps us to obey Jesus?

     I hope you have good obeying spiritual ears that choose to obey.

Are you happy to obey?

     “He that hath ears let him hear.”  Matthew 11:15

Raven Rowbottom