It was wintertime, and Amber was excited!  Amber had always lived where it was too warm for very much snow, but now her family was living in Colorado. The ground was white with a thick blanket of snow; better yet, the pond was frozen solid.

        Five-year-old Amber had never ice-skated before, but the neighbor had give her a pair of ice skates and she couldn’t wait to try them out.

          "Mom can we go to the pond now?”  Amber pleaded, on the first bright moonlit night.

        “Yes, dear, just as soon as your dad gets home,” her mom answered.

       So when daddy got home they were off to the pond.  After lacing up her skates,  Amber eagerly stood up on the ice.  But in the same moment—Oops!—she was sitting on the ice!

         “Daddy!” she cried.

         And Daddy was there in an instant to help her, Then with Daddy’s hand holding hers, he pulled her across the ice.  Oh, what fun!  She knew her daddy would help her. 

               During the next few weeks, Amber was back on the ice.  And, with her daddy’s help and the help of her other friends, she learned to skate.  Soon she wasn’t slipping and falling anymore!  All of her daddy’s help had paid off, She had finally learned to skate!

     Even though Amber didn’t succeed immediately, her daddy was always there to help her get up when she fell.  Soon, much to her daddy’s joy, he didn’t have to hold her hand anymore.  But do you know who is an even bigger help?  It’s Jesus!

       Just like Amber’s Daddy, Jesus is always there to help us up when we fall back into a bad habit or when we fail at something we have tried to do. All we have to do is pray and Jesus will put out His hand and help us up.  And he doesn’t just pick us up, He helps us not to fall again!

              And just like the joy Amber’s daddy had when she could skate on her own, Jesus is even happier when we break some bad habit we’ve had, or repent of some sin and resist the temptation to do it again.  The Bible says in Luke 15:10: “There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.”

          Never forget that even though we overcome bad habits or sins, We will always need Jesus by our side to help us do what’s right.  That’s why Jesus is the perfect Helper; there’s nothing He can’t help us do.  So when you feel hopeless, remember, Jesus is there.  It says in the Bible, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”  Hebrews 13:5.  And that’s a promise!  And that’s a promise.  I’m thankful for that, aren’t you?



Stephanie Highsmith