The Raised Spear

     John Kiok is a Masai, a member of a semi-nomadic cattle-herding culture in eastern Africa.  Several years ago when Kiok accepted Jesus as his Saviour, he dedicated his life to sharing his faith with other Masai.  When a small group of believers from the village Nichoroi [n’CHO-roy] invited him to come and teach in their village, Kiok went.

     Each evening 200 people gathered to hear the message of Jesus.  However, the paramount chief of the region did not want a new religion in his territory.  One night during the meeting the chief angrily confronted the pastor, waving his large spear menacingly over his head as he approached the crowd of listeners who were seated on the ground.  Most of the listeners fled into the darkness when they saw the chief approaching.  The chief, still brandishing his spear over his head, stared at Kiok and demanded, “Who are you and what are you telling my people?”
     Kiok prayed for wisdom and protection, and then he calmly answered the chief’s question.  “I am a Masai.  I am telling these people about the living God, the God who made the mountains, the trees and your animals-- even you and your family.”

     “You have just one chance,” the chief threatened.  “Leave now.  If you preach one more time, I will kill you with my spear.”

     “Sir,” Kiok said quietly, “the people have come every day this week to hear about God.  They want to know about the God who created them.  I still have a week of meetings, and I want to invite you to come to listen and learn about this God too.”

     “I promise you, I will kill you if you preach another night!” the chief said. Then he turned and  strode away.

     The village elders told the chief that they had given Kiok permission to speak to the people about God.  They told him that many who were listening were changing their lives for the better.  They urged the chief to go see for himself.

     The chief allowed the meetings to continue, and the chief saw the positive changes among his people.  He listened to their testimonies of what Jesus was doing in their lives.  In time the angry chief asked Kiok to study the Bible with him as well, and in time he and his family were baptized into God’s family.  Today the chief and his people worship in a small chapel in their village.

J Zachary