Killer Bees

     The domestic Honey Bee was brought to North America in the 17th century from Europe. Since then it has spread through-out the Americas. It is commonly kept by man for honey, also commonly occurs in the wild. A few years ago, a very closely related tropical species, the African Honey Bee, escaped from a research facility in South America. This African bee is extremely aggressive and is therefore a poor choice to be kept for the production of honey. When they escaped they interbred with the domestic Honey Bee producing what is known as the Africanized or killer bee. These crossbreed offspring inherited the gene for aggressiveness from their African parent. From their domestic parent they inherited the willingness to live in man-made hives; this brings them into frequent contact with man. Since this gene for aggressive behavior is dominant, whenever they breed with the domestic Honey Bee, this trait is passed through to the offspring.

     Over time, these Africanized bees have almost completely interbred the domestic bees out of existence in tropical and subtropical areas. They have spread as far north as San Antonio, Texas, but are not expected to spread much farther north, since they are sensitive to cold weather. The Africanized bees are no more poisonous than their domestic cousins, but unlike them, when disturbed, they swarm out in large numbers and attack. The large number of stings per attack is what makes them dangerous and has resulted in numerous deaths. Hence the name killer bees.

     In the Bible we have an example of crossing good with evil, and the disastrous results. In Genesis chapter six we read about how sons of God (the righteous line of Seth) took to wife the daughters of men (the rebellious line of Cain) and how their offspring were exceedingly wicked in the sight of God. In 2 Corinthians 6:14 it says: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?"

     "Great care should be taken by Christian youth in the formation of friendships and the choice of companions. Take heed, lest what you now think to be pure gold turns out to be base metal. Worldly associations tend to place obstructions in the way of your service to God, and many souls are ruined by unhappy unions, either business or matrimonial, with those who can never elevate or ennoble." Adventist Home, 44.

     Let us therefore keep ourselves separate from sin and evil influences that we may attain perfection of character. We know that we are living in the last days and we want to be ready to meet Jesus when He comes. His coming is very soon!

David Arbour