Sabbath morning came and a Mother and her children got in the car as usual to go to church.  The car started as usual and off they went.  The Father in the family was very unhappy that his wife had joined The Adventist Church and each Sabbath he made it as uncomfortable as he could for his wife to discourage her from attending the church service.  On any other day of the week the noon meal could come anytime but on Sabbath he insisted that it must be at 12 noon sharp!  This meant that the Mother and Children had to always leave part way through the pastors sermon and rush home.

This particular Sabbath they rushed home as usual to prepare the noon meal and the Father came in ad asked them; "How did you go to church today"?  "We went in the car", the children replied.  "Not in our car you didn't", said father.  "It was impossible for that car to run as I have the distributor cap right here in my hand."

"But, the car did run and we went to church and back with no problem!"

Suddenly the Father was silent, he had the distributor cap in his hand and there is no way that car could run without it, but, it had run in-spite of his mean effort to stop it!  He professed to be a "Christian" of another church and he had to admit that God had worked a miracle and foiled his plans!

That Dear Mother and her children rejoiced that God had shown them how important it was for them to attend church and worship Him on The Seventh Day Sabbath.

Some years later when one of the boys in this family was invited to speak at a church service, he told this story to the people who had come to the meeting.  After the meeting a lady came to him and said;   "Br. C.., I believe your story because my husband did a similar thing to me, only he took the motor right out, yet I went to meeting and came home not knowing that there was no motor in the car"!

So, If God needs to get His people somewhere and someone has taken out the motor, no problem, nothing and no one can stop God's people  if  they are doing His Divine will!

Praise God!