God Will Take Care Of You

     It was late summer and extremely hot.  In our backyard was living the prettiest bluebird pair that you have ever seen, and they had hatched four baby bluebirds that were doing great.  It was indeed a perfect time—plenty of food in the bird feeders and fresh water in the birdbath.  There were cardinals, chickadees, titmice, and blue jays that ate at the bird feeders at the edge of the property.  The bluebirds had already taught the squirrels to go around and not to cut across the yard close to their bluebird box. 

     Then it happened.  On a fatal day in August, a hawk swooped down on the mother bluebird, killed her, and carried her off.  There was still a week and a half before the four little bluebirds would fledge (have the feathers necessary to fly)!  Daddy Bluebird went into overdrive.  He flew back and forth with food!  He didn’t stop!  His feathers were ruffled, and he was tired by the third day.  It looked like his dedication was going to do him in.  I thought, he needs help, and he needs help now, so I started digging worms for him.

     The first time I put the worms down, three-fourths of them got away.  What could I do?  I decided that if I cut the worms in thirds, that would slow them down and make it easier for Daddy Bluebird to get them and feed his little ones.  Digging became a chore, so I started buying fishing worms and cutting them up and placing them in the same feeding area at the same time each day.  It got to the place that he would be waiting for me.  He started looking better, and the little ones were thriving.

     The anticipated day arrived for the little ones to fly!  The first three were successful, but that fourth one came out of the nesting box, fell to the ground, and could not get off the ground.  Thinking I could still be helpful, I got a board, let him jump up on it, and held it up so he could get into a tree.  Now, Daddy Bluebird did not like this at all.  He made the little fellow get back on the ground and told me, in his own way, to mind my own business, that I was in the way.  Finally, the little fellow managed to get into the tree on his own and Daddy Bluebird was satisfied.

     On a warm day in September, I looked out in my backyard and saw a flock of bluebirds.  It was as if Daddy Bluebird had been telling his story everywhere, and they all came to see.  They were all around that hard spot on the ground where I had put the worms every day.  It seemed that he was telling them, “It was here on this hard, hard ground that the worms would appear at the same time every day.  It was a miracle!  Life is good where we live.”

     Life is always good when we live in the sheltering arms of God.  God tells us to trust Him and not to be afraid.  “Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?  But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.”  Luke 12:6, 7.  As I cared for a little bluebird that needed extra food for his brood, God takes care of me, and He will take care of you.  We serve a mighty God!  We will be able to bring our friends to that “hard spot on the ground” and say to them, “Here, right here is where God did a miracle for me!”

Don Mitchell