Heaven’s Modern Guard

     Those Guards are never off duty.  And never is their help too little or too late.

     Angie Bancarz tells an experience her father had.  Europe was in turmoil at the time and the streets were not especially safe.  But her father often gave Bible studies in the evening.  In one home, as the result of these studies a woman had been genuinely converted.  But her husband was very unhappy about it.  He got a gun and threatened to kill the person he believed had disrupted the tranquility of their home.

     Later on, however, the husband who had been so hostile was himself converted.  And he said to Angie’s father, “How is it that you had a body guard with you?”

     “I never had a body guard.”

     “Yes, he was always with you—a uniformed soldier with a gun strapped over his shoulder.”

     “No, I knew nothing about it.”

     Then he told Angie’s father of one evening when he had waited along the way with his gun, intending to shoot him.  But he dared not—because of the guard.

M. L. Lloyd


What is our guardian angel doing for us?