Lost Carabao

     Samuel Llamos lives on a mountain farm in the Philippines.  One night his only carabao was stolen, and he was unable to find it.  He could only pray and leave the matter in God’s hands.  At the end of four weeks he was asked to go to San Carlos to identify a carabao.  The animal recognized him immediately, ran to greet him, and began licking his hand.

     The man who had stolen the carabao had gone halfway to the market, Samuel learned, when suddenly the carabao stopped.  No matter how much the man whipped the animal, it would not move.  Why?

     In The Philippines the water buffalo is a carabao.


     Muriel Wichman and Alice Kuhn where crossing the mountains, when the car skidded on the ice and began spinning in wider and wider circles.  Suddenly the car was picked up and set down, dead still on the ice, just to the right of the center, headed in the right direction.  Who did it?


     Duane and his wife had attended prayer meeting in Redwood City, California, and were driving home, heading toward Mountain View.  They had been married about two years at the time.  In those days it was a three-lane highway, with the middle lane used for passing.  There was little traffic that night, with only a few cars on the road.  They were almost to Dinah’s shack, a restaurant, when Duane pulled into the middle lane, which was clear, to pass another car.

     But suddenly a car zipped out from behind an approaching car into the middle lane and headed right for them.  The driver seemed not to see them at all.  Duane could not possibly move into another lane, because he was now even with a car on both sides.  There was literally no place to go—a Red Sea situation, maybe that’s it.  In just seconds the two cars were approaching each other at fifty or sixty miles an hour and were headlight to headlight, possibly fifty feet apart!

     Philip was set down at Azotus.  Duane and his wife were set down in the Dinah’s Shack parking lot.  That’s where they were—the next thing they knew—just turning around in the lot.  There were no skid marks!

     How did they get there?  Did angels pick them up—car and all—and move them over the other car?

     The day of miracles is not past.  God could even today rerun the Jonah or the Daniel chapters to save lives and strengthen the faith of His dear people.

M. L. Lloyd