My God Hears



     She was a Hindu, but she married a Christian.  Her family and Hindu priest told her that their god would punish her if she became a Christian.  Obediently, she continued to cling to Hinduism.

     Then she became ill with jaundice.  Local remedies did not help her.  One day in desperation, her husband, Stephen, told her, “My God is the living God.  He can heal you.  Please pray with me.  My God will hear your prayers.”  They knelt together and prayed for her healing.

     The next day Stephen met a woman from a distant village.  She told him of a Christian teacher who treats jaundice with a medicine he prepares from a certain plant.  When he applies the medicine he prays to Jesus, and the sick are cured from their jaundice.  The couple went to see this Christian teacher and receive treatments.  For ten day Stephen’s wife received daily treatments and prayed with her husband and the Christian teacher.  She was healed.  She decided to follow her husband in Christianity.

     Her Family greeted her decision with anger.  “We are Brahmans [the highest class of Hindus].  But look at you!  You have gotten rid of all your jewelry!  You go to a Christian church.  You are a disgrace to our family.  We don’t want to see you again without your jewelry and your kukum [the red dot on the forehead].”

     But Stephen’s wife had renounced her Hindu past and had taken a Christian name—Rachel.  She is determined to remain faithful to Jesus, her new friend.  She supports her husband, who is a full-time lay preacher.  In just four months Stephen and his pastor won 40 people to the Lord in Bombay, India.  “With the Lord’s help, we will have another 60 before long,” Stephen said.

     Rachel goes from home to home with her husband, telling her powerful testimony of what Jesus has done for her.  “I know that the Christian God hears my prayers.  He is my best friend.” She smiles.  “ I was a Hindu, but now I believe in Jesus.  I have experience Him in my life.  He has brought me along a good path.  He will be with us forever.”