Learning Truth Instantly

     In the land of the tree dwellers, in eastern Indonesia, a man named Ranteuwa dreamed that God’s true religion would come to his mountains.  He dreamed that the day of worship would have special significances, that it would be neither the sixth day nor the first day  but the day in between.  About twenty-five years later a missionary came to the village and told them of the seventh-day Sabbath.  Ranteuwa remembered his dream.  Some of the older villagers remembered it too, and they eagerly accepted the missionary and his stories of Jesus who died for them.


     Tamasombo and four of his friends as they returned to their village in New Guinea, met a supernatural being.  This being told them to change their life-style, destroy their pigs, stop chewing betel nut, clean up their village, stop traditional dances and devil worship, stop polygamy, worship on the Sabbath, and prepare for eternal life.

     This was in 1963.  In 1967 a man named Jerome came to their village and told them the same things.  Tamasombo remembered the message given four years before.  He joined the “class ready” and was baptized … in 1971.


     A student … at about four o’clock on Friday afternoon, entered a shop in Langley Park and made some small purchase.  When she came out a sailor spoke to her.  She was reluctant to enter into conversation with a stranger and tried to pass on.  But he urged her to wait, saying he had something very important he must tell her.  He had had a dream that had impressed him very much.  In that dream he had seen her come out of that particular shop with a small package and a book in her hand.  He had been waiting there every afternoon that week, watching for the girl he had seen in his dream.  He had been told, as I recall, that she had information he needed.  And most impressive was his statement,  “I am suppose to tell you that Jesus is coming sooner than you think!”

     The student invited him to attend a group Bible study that evening, but he was shipping out to Germany and could not.  So together they knelt on the sidewalk and prayed that God would guide each of them.

     The sailor promised to look up an SDA church in Germany as soon as possible.

     Yes, angels sometimes visit personally or in a dream—those who are seeking for truth.  They also have a profoundly important message for those of us who feel secure in the truth—“Jesus is coming sooner than you think!”

M. L. Lloyd