Kidnapped By Terrorists


Five men walked into a laboratory in a large city where several scientists were working. One man flashed a badge as he spoke. "Police. Which one of you is Dr. Fry?"

One of the scientists looked up from his work. "I am. What do you want?"

The man with the badge drew a gun. "Come with us," he ordered.

Outside, rough hands tore off the doctor's glasses and wrapped a cloth around his eyes. The men emptied Dr. Fry's pockets and bound his wrists and ankles. He was forced into a big sack and shoved onto the floor of an old truck. Someone started the engine, and they all took off on a long, bumpy journey.

With a sinking feeling Dr. Fry realized that he was the kidnap victim of a band of well known terrorists. His chances of getting out alive were small.

Why me? Dr. Fry wondered. I'm not rich or important. My work is to help people grow more food.

A soils expert, he had worked in 22 countries in all parts of the world, but he had never become involved in the politics of any country in which he worked. Why had he been kidnapped?

For seven terrible months Dr. Fry remained a prisoner. Most of the time he lived in a wire cage about four feet wide by six and one-half feet long. There was just enough room for a cot on the cement floor and an 18-inch walkway. He saw no daylight and had no clock, radio, or newspaper, so he soon lost all track of the passing of time.

How did he survive?

Dr. Fry was a Christian. The Christian life involves more than gentleness, patience, meekness, and kindliness. It also requires courage, strength, energy, and the ability to hold on when things are rough. Dr. Fry had developed those qualities.

Managing to get hold of a New Testament and a few scraps of water-stained paper, Dr. Fry mapped out a daily program of reading, writing, praying (even for his captors), and exercising (pacing back and forth in his cage). Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he was freed.

How do you face trials?

The Bible advises us: "Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord" (Psalm 31:24, KJV). Courage in the Lord at all times, no matter what happens, is an important characteristic to nurture in our Christian growth. 

Jeanne Larson & Ruth Mclin