Rowena And


 The Pills


              Mr. And Mrs. Woods were a very fine young couple.  One day Jesus gave them a lovely baby girl to make their home even happier than it was.  Of course, they had to think of a name for this sweet little member of their family.  Thus her name became Rowena.

             Rowena was a sweet cuddly little baby, and she grew very fast, time slipped by very rapidly for Rowena’s mother and father, as they were very busy people.  Almost before they could realize it, their little Rowena was three years old.

       Well, one day the Woods family had to move.  This was a big job for mommy and daddy, but Rowena just thought it was great fun.  Things were scattered around and she could get into everything.  She loved seeing what was in this box and that box.  Moving turned out to be a great adventure for little Rowena.


             Especially was it fun when they got to their new home.  For it had a stairway and upstairs rooms to investigate.  Rowena had fun running up and down the stairs.  But there was one room upstairs that Daddy had hooked shut, thinking that it was safer to lock out a little three year old girl, who was having fun getting settled in her new home..

      The locked room was the room Daddy and Mommy were using for storage of the things that they were not needing at the present time.  As mommy was cleaning up her kitchen she had a box of medications that were more in the way than they were useful, so she set them on top of the refrigerator for a while.  Then she decided that was not a good place, and since she was not using any of them, she decided to put them in the store room upstairs.  That would be plenty safe, as the door was locked with a hook.

         Little did Mommy know how clever their little three year old daughter was.  One day when mother was very busy she paused for a moment and thought, “I wonder where Rowena is.  She is so quiet and I haven’t seen her for a while.”  She called Rowena, but no answer.  Mother began looking, never thinking that Rowena could get the locked door open.  But mother went up the stairs, and there was Rowena in the store room.

         Not only was she in the store room, but she had found the box of medications, and consumed a whole bottle of carters little liver pills and a bottle of ionized yeast.  Well, Rowena was already a very sick little girl lying on the floor.

         Poor mother, what was she to do?  She had no car, as daddy had taken the car to work, she called a neighbor, who, as soon as possible, got in touch with Rowena’s daddy.  He came home very quickly and rushed Rowena to the hospital.  By the time she arrived there, she was unconscious.

          The doctor and nurses began working on her immediately.  They took a long rubber tube and put it down her nose, into her stomach and pumped out everything that was in there.  They found the remains of the pills that Rowena had swallowed.  The doctor shook his head and said that they did not think it would be possible to save Rowena’s life.

    Mother called the minister of the local Seventh day Adventist church, who came over to the hospital.  When he saw little Rowena he too, realized that only God could save her life, so he anointed her with a little oil.  He and the doctor with her parents knelt beside her bed and prayed that Jesus would heal little Rowena.

      Jesus did heal her, but it took her a long time to get strong again.  She had to learn to walk and talk all over again.

       Is not Jesus wonderful?  He loves the little children, and even when they make mistakes He wants to help them.  But, it would have been better if she had not eaten those pills!



Ruth Grosboll