Those who remember the days of going door to door ingathering would have some very interesting stories to share!  Here is one experience we had while ingathering in Whitehorse, Yukon Territories.

           There are mostly good experiences to share from ingathering, but, sometimes there are some un-pleasant ones as well.  The first year we were living in Whitehorse, we began to visit the homes in early December.  One night as I was out in the darkness going down the street, suddenly something grabbed me by the parka hood from behind and I turned around to find a big dog staring me in the face. I don't remember exactly what I did at the moment as it happened back in 1975,  but I have always stared right back and loudly told such critters to get  out of here fast!  That was the only unpleasant time we had that first year.

       As the winter ended and we were into the warm days of spring, I decided I was not going to wait until the cold weather this time to in-gather so I began in April and O' that was so enjoyable!

          One morning I came to a Mobile Home that was set quite a ways back from the fence that surrounded it.  The sign on the gate said, "Beware of Dog".  I did think about that and as I looked towards the trailer I saw a big black dog coming my way.  As I watched him come, he was not barking and his tail was wagging and so I decided the sign wasn't really as serious as it sounded.





     I opened the gate, the dog was friendly and wagging his tail, I spoke to him and he just came towards the trailer with me.

            I knocked on the door and the lady of the house answered. The first thing she said was, "Did that dog let you in here, that dog doesn't let anybody in here". She looked at her dog then at me and said, "I don't understand how you got in because my dog does not let anyone come in that gate unless I say its OK !"

      Well, I was surprised too, but I said, "Well ma’am, I am working for the King", and I pointed upward.  So then I told her the purpose of my call.  I do not remember if she gave a donation but it didn't matter, God had worked a miracle for me to even get to the door!

     The dog followed me back to the gate as friendly as when I came in and I went on my way rejoicing!

          "The angel of The Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him and delivereth them" 

Psalm 34: 7

Praise God !


 Richard Weber