Delivered By Lightening




     It was in post-war times in one of those countries of Eastern Europe where Protestant separatists from the state church have had to endure much. Of one group of Sabbath keepers, all were arrested and haled before the judge.

     The priests demanded a beating first. The account of an evangelist in that region at the time reported:

     "They did beat them - flogged them cruelly - and decided they would sentence them the next day. But I want to tell you what happened. The judge came home that day, and found that everyone of his cattle had been killed by lightening! The neighbors remarked on it as looking like a judgment, and consternation filled his heart. He said, `It must be that I am sinning against God in sending those people to prison.' It is a serious thing in those countries for a man to lose his cattle; it is almost like taking his daily bread. The next morning he called the company into the court, discharged them, and asked them to pray that the Lord would not further punish him. That is the way God sometimes cares for His own.