I Will Return


            Long ago when Jesus lived on this earth many people were blessed by His presence and the wonderful words that He spoke about their life and how to make things better and be happier.  Our Lord Jesus healed many sick people of all kinds of diseases.  The news spread rapidly throughout the land of His great power. 

   Jesus did not plan to be on earth very long.  The rulers of the people could not stand to see their popularity being diverted to have the people paying so much attention to this new teacher that was going throughout the country preaching different things than what they taught.

     The works and lessons of Jesus were packed into just a few years.  The hatred for Jesus grew so strong they planned to put Him to death.  They did not like Jesus because he was so perfect and good and they knew how wicked and evil their own lives were.

         When Jesus died on the cross and He was not in the temple when the multitude of people came and brought the sick folk to be healed they were so disappointed they could not find the great Healer at a time they needed Him so much and He was lying in the tomb. 

          The Life Giver Himself arose from the dead to show that the faithful and obedient also will rise from the dead. 

  Forty days later Jesus was on the mount with the people and they saw Him going up into the sky in the clouds.  There were many angels in that cloud and two of them came to the people and said this same Jesus is going to come back again in the clouds just as He went away in the clouds. 

   So now they were rejoicing to know their Master would come back to get them to live in those mansions He told them about that He has prepared for them in heaven. 



   They had their mission laid out before them to tell the whole world someday Jesus would return to planet earth to take His people out of this sin sick world and take them home to those glorious mansions in heaven.  What a promise for the faithful and obedient children who are studying their Bibles every day.

       This promise is for every person ever living on this world.  The story of Jesus is never ending and will never grow old.  Those who go to heaven will study the plan of salvation throughout the endless days of eternity.

    Get ready for the day soon to come when we will again see Jesus return in the clouds.  Never will you be sorry you traveled this narrow road to heaven.