How Much Water?

     Pine Springs Ranch was running out of water.  Two hundred juniors had used a lot of water.  Family camp, now in progress, was using much less.  But the tanks, supplied by nearby mountain wells, were not filling up.  They were almost empty.  If it did not rain very, very soon, the camp would have to close after a season of only two weeks. 

     Those present at family camp prayed earnestly for rain.  The next day clouds gathered and a few drops fell—not enough to change the situation at all.

     Friday evening after campfire the campers gathered for prayer again.  Why had not God answered their prayers?  Should they be more specific?  Should they set a time limit?  Should they ask God to send rain by Monday morning?  Would that be faith or presumption?  They decided they should not tell God how to answer their prayers but simply leave the matter in His hands.  In that spirit they prayed.

     As soon as they rose from their knees, some ran to check the tanks, as they had been doing every few hours.  The others were saying goodnight to each other.  Suddenly a shout rang out over the camp, “Water!  There is water in the tanks!”

     Now those last to leave the prayer circle raced to the tanks.  Even as they ran, they could hear the sound of flowing water.  Someone shouted, “The tanks are full and running over!”

     Five hours earlier those tanks were empty.  Now they were full and running over.

     Evidently rain is not the only way God can fill water tanks!

M. L. Lloyd