No Footprints In The



“Angels in the form of men have come as strangers to the dwellings of the righteous, to preserve them in times of peril, to protect them from the plans the enemy had laid to destroy them.” Signs of the Times August 3 1891

In the snow-bound regions of Anchorage, Alaska, an elderly lady, Mrs. Louise Dubay, was living alone in her cabin, after the death of her husband, the cabin being at some distance from her nearest neighbours. Her bed was in one corner of the cabin, and an open fireplace was on the opposite side of the cabin. It had been snowing heavily, and she had fallen sick, waiting for the weather to ease, so that her neighbours, who kept an eye on her, could come and visit her. She had run out of wood for her fire, although there was plenty of cut-up wood out at the shed some distance from the house, but she was crippled and too sick to go out and get it. The cabin was cold without a fire going, so she decided to stay in bed to try and keep as warm as possible. She prayed to God to send one of her neighbours as soon as possible to help her. After she had been praying for a while, the door to her cabin opened, and a man came in, bringing some wood, and he went over to the fireplace and lit up the fire. He then went out a couple of times and brought back large arms-full of wood and put them down by the open fireplace. The woman thought the man’s actions were strange, in that he never spoke to her or explained what he was doing. So then the lady whispered to herself:- “I wonder if this could be an angel that God has sent to help me until my neighbours can come to help me.” As soon as she had whispered this to herself, the man turned around to face her, and smiled, and went to the door, as if to get another load of wood. When he did not immediately return, and because the cabin was now becoming warm again from the fire, she got up and went to the door to see if she could see him, or where he had gone. She was amazed to find that there were no footprints in the snow going away from her house, nor over to the shed where all her firewood was stacked. She got to her knees and thanked God for sending His angel to help her in her time of real need. She later found that none of her neighbours had visited her that day, nor had there been any strangers in the area over the past few weeks either. God had indeed sent one of His angels to help her.