God has a thousand ways to provide for His people that we do not even think about. In the early days of Protestant history, some ministers who were preaching the truth of the Bible, which was contrary to the teachings of the Church of the State, were being pursued by an angry mob of objectors, who sought to harm them and even to take their lives. – Flavel’s Works, volume vi


Busy Spider



     In the year 1662, 2000 ministers had been ousted from the Church of England. They were pursued by enemies. (One of the ministers, Henry Havers, sought refuge in an old unused bake house and crept into a kiln through a narrow opening only big enough for his body to pass through.)FW

     Almost immediately a spider began to weave a large and beautiful web across the narrow entrance.  The web was between him and the light, and as he watched he was so fascinated by the skill of the weaver that he forgot his own danger.  When the delicate network had crossed and re-crossed the mouth of the kiln in every direction the pursuers of the minister came in search of him.  He listened as they approached and heard one of them say, “It is of no use to look in there.  The old villain could never be there.  Look at that spider’s web.  He could never had got in there without breaking it.”

(They departed, and that night the minister escaped to safety under the cover of darkness.)FW

     Yes, God can even use spider webs!

M. L. Lloyd