Where Is Your Friend

 Who Came With You?


This next experience occurred in North Scandinavia. A Christian colporteur decided to pass over a mountain, which was very difficult to cross, in order to reach some homes in the valley below. In order to be more sure of his footing, he removed his shoes and socks. Descending to the valley, he had to cross a place so steep that he feared he could not make it. Clinging to the rocks, he asked God to send an angel to be with him and to keep him from falling. Then, putting his trust anew in God, he made his way down the perilous steep, and safely reached the valley below. At the first cottage he called upon, he met a man and his wife, who had been watching him as he came over the mountain. “What has become of your companion?” was the first question they both asked. “What companion?” said the colporteur. “The man who was with you.” “But there was no one with me; I have come alone.” “That is not possible,” they exclaimed in surprise. “We were watching you as you came, and we saw two men crossing the mountain together.” Then the colporteur was able to witness to them of the ministering help we can all have from God’s angels, and how he had prayed to God to protect him from danger, and how they must have seen the angel whom God had sent in answer to his prayers, to accompany him safely on his journey to their home that day.