Of Short-Cuts !



                 The warm breezes of Spring were beginning to blow across the fields and through the forests of Manitoba. The Weber family lived on a farm 2 miles east of the village of Bellsite. The bushes were beginning to bud and would soon be covered with a fresh canopy of living green.  O' the wonders of Spring infuses new life into all of God's creation and gives us hope of the new life in Christ and the glorious eternal home of the Children of God !

        Rich and Marge along with their brother Ken and sister Fran made up the family of Phil and Hazel Weber at the time this story takes place. Another brother came along a short time later.

                                    Life on the farm was wonderful.  Yes, it was a lot of hard work to supply the needs of the family, but both parents were used to work and taught their children the joys and blessings honest work each one doing their part according to their ability and age.  There were so many fun things to do and the words, "I'm bored", never entered their minds.  The children always enjoyed their free time after chores were done and life was really a learning and un-learning experience.

                   Rich was always thinking of things to do and often getting his sisters and brothers into places they really shouldn't be, like taking short-cuts instead of following the main road when going to the neighbors or elsewhere !

             Rich and Marge were about twelve and fourteen when this event we will now share with you took place.  Rich was the oldest so Marge, sometimes doubting if they should, but usually followed his suggestions !

            They arrived home from the little country school one day to see a note on the table saying that their parents had gone to the neighbors  and would be home soon. Well, Rich decided they should go  too and then ride home with their parents in the big sleigh pulled by two horses.  So off they went.

                    Well, about a quarter of a mile down the well plowed main road, Rich decided they should take a short-cut and come out to the road which would then be only half a mile from where they wanted to go.  So off through the forest they went. There was still over a foot or more of snow on the ground this being the beginning of April and it would have been a lot easier going on the main road, but once started Rich didn't want to go back so on they went.


 They came to a stream that was beginning to over flow with the Spring thaw and to get across they had to walk on the bottom wire of a barb wire fence and hold on to the top wire.  That was a real challenge but they got across.  Well, they came out to the main road with only a mile to go if they stayed on the main road, but no, Rich still hadn't learned his lesson and off they went straight across the neighbors field.  It was hard going but they finally arrived in the neighbors yard, wet, tired and hungry from their useless adventure of taking a short-cut!

                            Their parents were not pleased, but being the kind parents they were, questioned the wisdom of their coming, and in a few minutes they all got in the sleigh and headed for home. 

         It took Rich several years and more bad experiences of taking short-cuts, before he finally as a young man in his late teens learned the folly of such actions !

                              A wise man said, "The longest way around is the shortest way home" !  Rich has learned his lesson.  No more short-cuts for him and he tells others to avoid short-cuts at all cost !


Richard Weber