Protecting Hand



     Jeanette Snorrason was driving down the left lane of a busy street.  Hoping to avoid a delay, she checked to see if the right lane was clear and then turned her wheel to enter it.  That is, she tried to turn the wheel.  They would not turn.  They seemed to be locked.  At that moment a sports car, which she had not seen, came speeding by in the lane she had tried to enter.  Who locked the wheels?


     Einar Thuesen was driving a team of four horses home from a wheat field.  They were young and lively and eager to get home.  He let them trot along.  But suddenly an open newspaper blew up under them, and they panicked.  They began running as fast as they could—and he could not stop them!  What could he do but pray?  He had hardly begun to pray when the horses stopped as if they had run up against a stone wall.  They would not go ahead one step nor to the side.  They were jumping up and down and were shaking from fright.

     Who stopped those horses?  Was this a replay of Balaam’s donkey?

M. L. Loyd