God Made Me Too

      When John brought out his blue shirt to wear, it was much too small for him.

     "Oh, my," said Mother, "see how much you have grown!"

     ‘Yes," laughed John; "this shirt won’t do at all."

     "How do I grow, Mother?" he wanted to know.

     "God planned our bodies," said Mother. "He plans for boys and girls to grow."

     "Suppose I keep on growing until I’m taller than this house?"

     "You won’t," laughed Mother. "You’ll grow to be just right and    then you won’t grow anymore."

     "I wonder about a lot of things about me," said John. "I wonder how my ears can hear and my eyes can see. Did God plan that too?"

     "Yes, God gave us eyes to see and ears to hear. He made us so we can feel and talk. Now find another shirt, John, and run out to play."

     When John ran out on the porch he found the baby kittens playing there.

     "The kittens are growing too," he said to himself. "Soon they will be big like their mother."

     He picked up the little yellow and white kitten and held it against his cheek. Its silky fur felt soft and tickly, and it purred a happy song right in his ear.

     "I’m glad that I can see and hear and feel," thought John; "I’m glad God made me as I am. I like being me."

     In the Bible, King David wrote a song because he was so happy, and he sang this song to Jesus. . ."I will praise Thee; for I am. . .wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14.