So Many Lights



     Ruth Gibson, in the summer of 1977, was alone for a few days while her husband, Fred, attended a convention.  She was a little nervous about being alone in the house at night, especially since a neighbors home had just been burglarized.  Also, the Gibson’s had a broken window that had not yet been repaired.  But the first evening she prayed, turned out all the lights, and went to bed about half-past eight.

     The next morning her neighbor said to her, “Who was all the company last night?”

     Ruth explained that she had had no company, that she had turned out all the lights, and went to bed early.  And her neighbor said, “I looked over at your house several times last night, and it was all lit up.  Looked like every light in the house was on.  I thought you must have a lot of company.” 

     Who turned on the lights?  Was she in special danger?  Did she have company she was not aware of?  Were the house lights turned on at all?  Or had her neighbor seen the light radiating from Ruth’s angel protector?  Someday she will know.

M. L. Lloyd