Angel Beside Me


  It was a very dark night and some areas along the road did not have street lights.  Sometimes it can be quite foggy so the dark mixed with the fog do not give much area for the lights to shine on the road.  The headlights were making out there was a white line on the four lane road, other than that it was pitch black. 

   I had been to a neighboring city to visit some friends and now late at night I felt very much alone on this seemingly deserted dark road heading home.  This was Central Avenue which takes you right to the center of Chino.  I enjoy driving but not in the dark.

     I was in the right lane and content on the driving through such darkness when suddenly the car swerved.  Just that instant I glanced to the right, wondering what was wrong.  And there, coming out of the drive way I could barely make out the out-line of a vehicle.  Praise the Lord!  I am positive the Lord sent His angel to take hold of the steering wheel and turn it just in time to miss hitting what was coming out of that driveway and to get me through that dark night without a horrible accident.  I’m still here to tell the story.  The Lord is so merciful.  I love Him more every day.