Proper Use Of  God’s





     Just a few weeks ago while preparing this book we heard this true story.  A missionary from a foreign country came to America.  He was amazed at all our choices of food in the grocery store and the amount of food available to us.  During his stay here, his host noticed he needed a haircut so he offered to pay for it and took him to the barbershop.  Upon entering the shop the foreign missionary overheard the price for the haircut was $10.  Tears began to come to his eyes.  He told his friend, “I cannot get this haircut, while the people in my country are starving.  Do you know how many people I could feed with $10?”  With that they exited the barbershop.

Gwen Shorter

How are you using God’s money?  Nothing belongs to us for we are only steward’s of all that God has lent us on this short probation time on earth, so let’s help the starving children and others in need.