The Great Physician



     Felix was too busy enjoying life to think about God.  Then he got sick.  We helped him get from his mountain home in southern Philippines to the hospital several hours away.  After examining him, the doctors told Felix that he had cirrhosis of the liver and probably would die within the month.  “Go home,” they urged.

     Back home Felix laid on his mat, too weak even to sit up.  Every day my student missionary partner and I visited him and prayed for him.  Felix could hear the village children singing songs during morning worship.  He heard us tell Bible stories.  One day Felix said, “I heard you tell the children that Jesus healed a man who could not walk.  Can your Jesus heal me too?”

     We assured Felix that Jesus can heal if it is his will.

     “How do I ask God to heal me?”  Felix asked.  We explained that he must believe that Jesus could heal him and be willing to give his life to God and follow Him.

     “But how do I keep the Sabbath?” Felix asked.  “I am too weak to attend church or even to sit up,” he said, his voice choked with tears.

     We explained that God had set aside the Sabbath as a day of worship, and Felix could worship God on his sick bed by praying and by listening to God’s Word spoken from the church.

     “I will do that!” he promised.  We prayed with Felix and encouraged him to trust in God.

     On Sabbath we were surprised to find Felix sitting in the church long before the service started.  “How did you get here?” we asked.

     “Every day I prayed to Jesus to heal me.  I promised to keep His Word and obey His commandments.  Today my wife helped me to sit up.  It was painful, but I made it.  Then she helped me stand and slowly walk to the church.”

     We praised God for healing Felix in body and in soul.  Today Felix walks around the village without help, stopping to tell people how his Friend Jesus, the great Physician healed him.  Felix and his wife will be baptized as soon as a minister can climb the mountain up to their village.

Elvie Velasco